Warrandyte Theatre Company presents, with kind permission of Creative Artists Agency (CAA) …


by John Patrick Shanley

Directed by Susan Rundle


March 18th from 4pm, and March 20th from 8pm

To book an audition time please contact the director on theatre@psrundle.com or 0416 298 136 advising your preferred date, character you are auditioning for and a copy of your resume.

Auditionees must be able to commit to the full rehearsal period - Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays commencing from Sunday 25th March (excluding Easter).


Sister Aloysius is severe, conservative and strict. Sister James, young and impressionable. Father Flynn is moderate in his beliefs about discipline and tradition. A superb drama about suspicions, doubt and uncertainty.


New York accents required.

  • Sister Aloysius Beauvier - Age 50s-60s - The Head Nun and Principal of St Nicholas School. Driven by a high sense of duty, rigid and conservative.

  • Father Brendan Flynn - Late 30s-40s - A priest, articulate and very personable.

  • Sister James - 20s-early 30s - A young, impressionable nun, enthusiastic but inexperienced teacher.

  • Mrs Muller - 40s - Mother of Donald Muller, the school's first black student.

This winter season Warrandyte Theatre Company is performing Doubt: A Parable — the highly acclaimed drama by John Patrick Shanley.

Having won a Tony Award for Best Play and a Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 2005, Doubt is heralded as one of the best plays ever written (the highest honour it’s received thus far is having Meryl Streep perform in the film adaptation).

Set amidst the social movements of the 60’s, the play tackles the complicated issues - feminism, race, child molestation, parenting and homosexuality.

Doubt is a play about the realization that all of our beliefs and convictions are part of a facade we build to protect ourselves. What we choose to believe, and conveniently ignore – a person's innocence, a person's guilt, the sanctity of the church, the collective morality of society.

We’ll leave you with one of the most famous lines from the play, but if you want anymore you’ll have to come see the production this June.

"deep down, under the chatter we have come to a place where we know that we don't know... anything. But nobody's willing to say that."

The Warrandyte Theatre Company production runs for 8 performances only between 1st June and 16th June.

Doubt will be Warrandyte Theatre Company’s 2018 VDL Award Entry

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Doubt (2018)